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In Extraordinary Times, There Are No Ordinary Stories

Much of the history of World War II resides in the memories of those people who lived through it.

And like every American city, town and village, St. Louis has a World War II story. From those who went off to serve in Europe or the Pacific, as well as for those who kept the home fires burning, the war was the defining event of a generation.

Your Story Is Important - Share Your Memories of World War II

In September 2007, KETC broadcast Ken Burns' latest documentary. Called simply The War, it told the story of World War II through the experiences of the people from four towns across the United States. To widen the scope of this epic film, Channel 9 is telling the war story of St. Louis-area people by asking anyone with a story about World War II to share it with KETC and the St. Louis community.

Are you a veteran or were you a civilian supporting the war effort at home? What stories did your parents, grandparents and friends tell about being in the war or living through the war years? If you have a story, share it with KETC today.

We would like to thank everyone who has shared a story with us. To date we have gather well over 500 stories from our community. Each one is an important part of the history of our city and our nation.