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In Honor of St. Louis' Fallen 1941-45

As part of the Your Stories: St. Louis Remembers World War II project, KETC set out to compile and present a list of the names of the men and women from the St. Louis area who lost their lives in World War II. KETC presented the list of nearly 5,000 names in the hour-long program In Honor of St. Louis’ Fallen 1941-45.

Below, sorted alphabetically, are the names of individuals from 29 Missouri and Illinois counties in the St. Louis area reported dead or missing during service in World War II. Government records based residency on the addresses of next of kin. All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy in the gathering and transcription of names.






Yaeger, John
Yakel, Edward L
Yalem, James H
Yankey, Jesse C
Yarbrough, John J
Yarbrough, Mason O
Yarbrough, Nelson A
Yard, Loren E
Yardley, Edwin E
Yardley, Ernest L
Yates, Herbert W
Yates, Walter D
Yawitz, Frank I

Yeager Jr, Hugh L
York, Samuel A
Young, Alton E
Young, Burr L
Young, Claude T
Young, Floyd C
Young, Louie E
Young, Luther M
Young, Raymond E
Young, Thomas S
Young, William E
Youngman, Allen R