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Living St. Louis: Battle of the Bulge Vets

Producer Anne-Marie Berger speaks with St. Louis area veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, Germany’s surprise Ardennes offensive in December 1944 calculated to break the Allied line in half that left 19,000 Americans dead. Berger first met members of group at a booth they set up at a Memorial Day celebration in Kimmswick, Missouri. She made arrangements to attend one of their monthly meetings at the Elks Club in Afton. The group comprises more than 300 survivors of that conflict. So many men showed up to tell their stories on camera that organizers gave out numbers. In her story, Berger chose 12 of the most compelling tales. “Everybody wanted to talk, and every story is different, even though it’s based on the ‘same’ experience,” says Berger. “All of the veterans are still very emotional about that battle.”