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Living St. Louis: WWII Re-enactors

Producer Anne-Marie Berger joins in with some of the country’s most dedicated re-enactors when they gathered at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis in spring 2007 to relive World War II history. Children often play army games, but for some grown men and women, reenacting World War II requires the utmost sincerity. Berger spoke with these World War II historians about the significance of their accurate portrayals. Berger says historical authenticity is of the utmost importance; participants in the annual event come bearing restored American, British, Russian and even German uniforms, tanks, artillery and supplies—all of which is privately owned and operated. “World War II re-enactors play a different role than those portraying Civil War and Revolutionary War soldiers,” Berger says. “Not only are they trying to educate younger generations, but they also serve as a kind of nostalgia for World War II veterans who are still alive.”