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Story Gathering Toolkit

KETC has developed a story gathering toolkit you can use as a guide to help you collect the World War II memories of your family and friends.

To download a copy of the toolkit, click the cover icon.

Questions to Get You Started

Whether you are telling your own story, or interviewing a friend or relative to help tell his/her story, these questions will help the memories start flowing.

1. How old were you during the war years? What is your birth date?
2. Where were you when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?
3. Were you drafted or did you enlist?
4. What was your rank and branch of service?
5. Where did you serve? Did you see combat?
6. What was your commanding officer like, or what were the people
who served under you like?
7. What was the hardest part about being in the military?
8. What about your service makes you feel nostalgic, or brings a smile
to your face?
9. How did things change in St. Louis during the war?
10. How did the war affect your parents and grandparents?
11. In what way did the war change your activities or habits?
12. How did you get news about the war?
13. How did you keep in touch with friends around the country and
around the world?
14. What did you do for fun?
15. If you were in St. Louis during the war, were you employed?
16. Was rationing hard to live with? Were there shortages of any items?
17. If you were a child, what did you and your friends think about
the war?
18. Did you or anyone you know have a wartime romance?
19. What were you doing when you heard the news that the war ended?
20. After the war, did you maintain contact with anyone you met during the war?