CAM director Lisa Melandri and artist Juan Williams Chavez discuss the current state of contemporary art, ways of thinking about it and where it might go from here. The main points they both agree upon are that artists today are creating more diverse forms of art with more tools than ever before, and that much of their art is leaning toward bringing social change.

Jessica Fellowes, the author of “The Chronicles of Downton Abbey”, discusses the development of the American character Cora and how many American women of the era married into British aristocracy, facing social and personal challenges.

Declan Kiely, the Head of the Department of Literary and Historical Manuscripts at the Morgan Library and Museum, discusses the works of writer Edgar Allan Poe, in light of the current exhibit there “Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul”.

An exhibit of Korean art at a Houston art fair allows viewers to get fresh perspectives on relationships between Western and Eastern perspectives.

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