On September 1, 2011, Nine Community Cinema in St. Louis Missouri held a public screening of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” at the Missouri History Museum. This deeply moving story from Liberia will reveal how women are not only suffering unprecedented casualties in today’s wars — but are also emerging as leaders in brokering peace and forging new international laws governing conflict. The series, featuring the U.S. broadcast premiere of the globally acclaimed documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell, will reframe our understanding of modern warfare and place women at the center of an urgent dialogue about conflict and security. (This film is a part of the Women and Girls Lead series.)

Nine Academy Community Producer, Claire Anderson recorded these three personal stories after the screening.

You can learn more about the Nine Community Cinema film series at: ninenet.org/community-cinema

You can learn more about the film, “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” by visiting: praythedevilbacktohell.com


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