“Get Up and Move!”

Premieres January 6Repeats January 16

Sid is super excited, because teacher Susie announced that today is full of surprises—healthy surprises! First the class walks to a local park where they get to run around and play outside in the fresh air! Susie teaches the kids how to do yoga, and when it’s snack time, the kids get another special surprise—they get to pick fresh vegetables from a community garden! Yum! Next, Susie teaches the kids her favorite childhood game—Red Light, Green Light! It’s a great way to move your body, and it’s fun! Back home, Sid tells his Mom about his amazing day, and Mom is inspired to plant a garden in the backyard. Sid then comes up with a new family tradition—taking a walk every day together! It’s easy to do and it’s a fun, healthy way to move your body!

PBS KIDS and The Jim Henson Company recently launched the Sid’s Science Fair App for iPhone and iPod touch, which is available now on the App Store.  Based on SID THE SCIENCE KID, the app encourages children ages 3 to 6 to explore and experience science. Click here to download the app.

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