The Nine Network of Public Media is Executive Producer of the national American Graduate initiative, which seeks to increase the high-school graduation rate and improve youth outcomes. The initiative began in 2011 and focuses on bringing together teachers, parents, students, local leaders, and community members to build knowledge, understanding, partnerships, and resources required to improve graduation rates. Much of the focus is on creating multi-platform content, implementing education resources, and developing interactive learning tools and experiences.

As part of the initiative, Nine focuses on key themes, such as early education, career readiness, and pathways to success, as well as the importance that caring, consistent adults play in supporting youth success. Nine also works directly with young people to help them tell their own stories of the dropout crisis.

We are seeking a practicum student(s) who would be available from 15-20 hours per week and have interest in the following areas:


  • Evaluation/Research opportunities include:
    • Locating and analyzing datasets (including Department of Education, St. Louis Public School, and others)
    • Conducting interviews and writing transcripts (to obtain qualitative data)
    • Content analysis (of social media content, quantitative and qualitative reports, etc.)
    • Regression with quantitative data
    • Social network analysis

Project Management

  • Project Management opportunities include:
    • Assistance with event implementation
    • Working with high-school interns on digital storytelling projects

Social Media/Digital Content

  • Social Media/Digital Content opportunities include:
    • Using graphic design to create compelling, informative visual images
    • Using social media (to engage viewers/listeners/community members, promote content, etc.)
    • Assisting with writing/editorial needs
    • Creating video blogs

If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

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