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COCAbiz presents SPARK 2013 Business Creativity Conference

COCAbiz presents SPARK 2013: Putting Creativity to Work in a 1.5-day conference featuring some of the nation's most prominent thinkers and creativity experts. Keynote addresses are interposed with Creativity Labs hands-on arts experiences led by teaching artists paired with business strategists and other unique learning and networking opportunities.

SPARK 2013 features keynote speakers Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, and Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen. Additional speakers include Neil Stevenson, creator of IDEO's futurology offering, Debbie Millman, President Emeritus of AIGA, and local St. Louis Innovation Sparks entrepreneurs and innovators.

SPARK 2013 is May 16, 8:00am 6:00pm, and May 17, 8:30am 1:30pm.

$595 (non-profit and group discounts available)

Friday, May 17, 2013
8:00 AM
6:00 PM

$595 (non-profit and group discounts available)


COCA (Center of Creative Arts)
524 Trinity Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63130

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Beth McClure
 (314) 725-6555 
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